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bell_rita I are already on 25mg of topamax for 2 weeks now and have found my appetite maximize. My hunger pangs tend to be more servere, however my style buds are a tiny bit afflicted, just some chocolates and smooth beverages style abnormal. Has anybody else observed these sideffects, there has been no weightloss but it is just early times.

PinkieXT I have been on topamax for around a yr now. I take it for siatic ache which is a result of a bulging disc in my l4-l5 and narrowing in a single of my side joints which also places presure on Several other nerves which collectively cause a tremendous degree of soreness and it does help. I've lost quit a little weight and am obtaining difficulties with several of the other side effects. But I have already been on ever other anticonvulsant for nerve pain and This can be the last just one they could try. And also the side effects usually are not anywhere as lousy given that the Many others I are actually on.

AllisonRNinMass I forgot to mention, Indeed, I have found the hair loss side result. Really considerably actually. When I used to go to the salon they would cost me double, complaing that my hair was so thick and there was a lot of of it.

MissAgent me also!! I took myself off of it to become very clear headed for faculty! I obtained about 10 kilos and am depressing! It appears I cant halt ingesting either and all i give thought to is foods!

sammy136 I have already been on topamax for two working day's (25mg) I picked up 11kgs in five months Once i was on Epilem 800mg a day and now I cant remove that weight. At what mg will I begin losing weight with Topamax? ..present

sammy136 I are on topamax for two working day's (25mg) I picked up 11kgs in five months Once i was on Epilem 800mg daily and now I cant remove that weight. At what mg will I commence losing weight with Topamax?

PGMigraine Dilemma: I'm setting up the typical Topamax program today. I am on my menstrual cycle (3rd working day-three far more to go). Does starting the Topomax program on my menstrual cycle hinder the the many benefits of the routine?

meggy22 Problem if you're on Topomax to lose weight will you be suppost to change the form of the way you take in?

MaxVet I am a seasoned Topamax taker.  I began when the drug was pretty mysterious to most along with a generic wasnt out there at enough time.  I am a definite migraine case and will straight from the source say that with all of the posts I go through with the exception in the loss of hair...I do think I've had every sympton.  I was down from 160lbs to 109lbs but certainly this was over some period of time extra so a yr or two.  I would not advise people today to take this drug Except its needed for the objective of a migraine, epileptics, or other circumstances under a doctors suggestion.

buttskittles I have already been getting 400 mgs of Topamax for three yrs and I've seen my hair thinning a whole lot. It really comes out inside the shower. I was not sure if it absolutely was the Topamax or worry or what? But I can not go back to right here getting the horrible migraines Despite the fact that I nevertheless have some method of a headache everyday.

chipper72 I just commenced getting Topamax, This is actually my very first day and also have had severe diarreha, does this ever cease or subside?   I'm getting Topamax for severe Tremors as well as Zoloft, Clonazapan & Lortab.

Ashes878 I started out getting Topamax a few yr back paired with Zoloft and it had a handful of side effects. I lost about 10 lbs Once i to start with started taking it, immediatly any time you starting having Topamax soda preferences Unusual, to The purpose where I had to prevent consuming everything together.  Everything would begin to tingle also.  The worst side outcome I had was with the ability to converse.  I might be in the course of a sentence and ignore what I was stating.

Kristen2489 I have been on Topamax, 50 mg for a week, and I've presently lost five lbs! I've struggled with my weight since adolescence, and am thrilled to convey that Topamax has really offered me no other troubles except a handful of Bizarre tingling sensations in my toes, but I can deal. Any individual else begin similar to this? Is there a plateau you hit right after some time? Kris

kaseyblue I utilized to know my topamax blood stage was superior if the idea of read this my nose tingled. I felt like bewitched.

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